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What we got for Keppinger…

Alright, so the Astros goofed horribly on the Lance Berkman trade, so let’s get this out there and find out what we’ve got: Jeff Keppinger is dealt to the San Francisco Giants for two minor league right handers, Henry Sosa and Jason Stoffel. Sosa, 25 years old, spent time going back between Triple and Double A earning an 8-3 record but tends to walk frequently, he had a stellar year in ’09 and I hope he can return to glory in the Astros’ system and develop into a bullpen pitcher or a starter, in best case scenario. Stoffel, a reliever in the minors, is only 22 years of age and was mostly a closer, successful in his two seasons, hopefully this young man will help the Astros bullpen and aid us in our much needed category of pitching. Jose Altuve, the real beneficiary of this deal, is getting the call from AA Corpus Christi to be the starter, and hopefully compliment Angel Sanchez, at 2nd Base. I was able to see him a few times here in Corpus and he’s a great player, and hopefully will contribute to the growth of this Astros team. Speaking of minor league prospects: JD Martinez, another Corpus Christi Hook, is having an astounding year in AA and he’s shooting for a call up later this year, with 11 or so HRs and 59 RBIs, those stats are great for a minor leaguer. I’d love to see him in an Astros uniform very soon! In an obvious phase of rebuilding, Jim Crane wants to lower the payroll to 60M either this or the next year to allow saving for a big free agent signing in the future, I am speculating. I see a bright future for this team. Jose Altuve makes his MLB today against the Nationals, let’s see what he can do, very excited to see him!

– Richard Perez


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