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Players Refuse To Ratify, Hall of Fame Game Cancelled.

Almost immediately after the owners agreed and proposed a deal, the player REPRESENTATIVES rejected the deal, now keep in mind it is representatives, not actual players themselves, fans should NOT attack the ANY of the players and accuse them of being greedy and ruining football. Most have no control of it and just want to get back to football, but the “delegates” if you will, more than likely know exactly what they are doing, and have a solid plan in mind.

I have faith in these delegates to get it figured out and salvage the preseason, and open training camp to get their teammates back together; but first they must meet the owners halfway on this CBA. It imperative to the deal that the Players Association re-unionize so that we can legally withdraw their lawsuit against the NFL

Who knows, maybe the early proposal of a deal was to vilify the players and get fans into the favor of the owners and the commissioner; it’s a clever tactic and a wise move by this party to put the players on the hot-seat. Or it’s just coincidence, either way, it’s perfect timing.

Although the induction ceremony is still on, the actual Hall of Fame game is cancelled, as well as an early start to training camp for the Bears and Chiefs. It’s a shame for these inductees not to have the usual ritual of induction followed by the game. Football fever usually begins in the first week of August, but now it looks like fans are going to have football influenza come August.

– Richard Perez


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