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A fragment of consistency shines


The Astro bats were indeed alive and kicking yesterday in Chicago, although, I wouldn’t say they did much kicking, more like stretching. 10 singles in the game, one being an RBI single from Carlos Lee scoring Angel Sanchez giving the Astros their only run of the contest. Aside from Wandy’s excellent pitching performance today, this is the only sign for consistency from the Astros this year, aside from strike outs.

Our offense was trying to get fired up and looked as if it was going to take up, but instead sputtered through the game. It is a sign that this team can rally around one another and get hits when we need it, unfortunately, we cannot capitalize on it just yet, though, with time, we’ll come into it and rise like the phoenix next year.

On track to the worst season in recent years, and possibly our first 100 loss season, the Astros havent much to fight for except dignity, respect, and confidence for next year. With such young talent such as Humberto Quintero, Hunter Pence, and Jose Altuve just to name a few, Ed Wade must keep this team together rather than trade for prospects who might not do what Michael Bourn or Carlos Lee can. Even though Jim Crane wants to lower the salary cap of this team, I think the true lovers of this game will tale a pay cut if needed to lower the budget to help raise funds for a big time free agent during the off season.

– Richard Perez


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