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Astros’ Trade Possibilities


Yeah, I know I should be getting ready for the Texans’ offseason moves, signings, trades, cuts, etc etc, but the MLB trade deadline is this Sunday; SO… I figure why not do an assessment to hopefully see who we have on the block and who we can get.

We already know that the Astros are deep in a rebuilding phase, on pace to their worst season in recent history, and possibly a franchise worst and first 100 loss season. What’s keeping us from such a low level of mediocrity is our developed young talent prospects.

The Jeff Keppinger trade was indeed a surprise to me and I didn’t expect him to get traded away, I knew we had to open up some cap space but trading Kepp didn’t seem like an option, but Ed Wade is a smart man and dealt him for two minor league pitching prospects, to help our possibly crippled bullpen down the line. That fortunately opened up the door for a little known AA player from Corpus Christi named Jose Altuve to come up, but you already knew that!

Wandy Rodriguez: outstanding, outspoken, heavily underrated pitcher. If this guy was on a winning team or a team that could give him decent run support. If we deal Wandy, he’d probably go somewhere like San Fran, Philly possibly, but I dont think it’s exclusive to them. I am expecting quite a bit for this guy because he’s the talent equivalent of Ubaldo Jimenez, and that kind of talent with such a low price is a steal.

Michael Bourn: fast, talented, dedicated. Michael Bourn is a great athlete and makes this team what it is as a contributor. Maybe a team who needs a speedy outfielder could trade for him. I doubt he’ll be traded, but then again, I doubted Kepp’s trade too.

Hunter Pence: here is the part that kills me, HP is the face of our franchise to our fanbase and he is the work horse of this team, he leads the league in plenty of stats. ESPN has blown up his trade qualities since the all star game, and it’s made me cringe every time I see it. I watches him here in Corpus Christi and I am a huge Pence fan. I love this guy and I want him in Houston. If you take him away, you kill the last of our morale, but I think Ed Wade knows this and won’t trade him… I hope…

Carlos Lee: I say this because we need to lower the salary cap, Jim Crane wants to lower it to open up the door for a big time free agent down the road. I love Lee and he’s a great player, hope to keep him in Space City.

– Richard Perez


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