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Thank You, Hunter

As you all are aware of by now, Hunter Pence has been traded to the Philadelphia Phillies; it’s a sad time for us Astro fans. We lost the franchise and the only bit of hope for the future that we had after bringing up the very recently successful Jose Altuve. After a horrible Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt trade, Astros fans are heart broken to lose their stars and favorite players, and when the Rangers made the World Series that year, a few unloyal Astros fans decided to jump on the bandwagon only to find themselves en route to a sinking ship. You know who you are…

With Hunter going to the highest bidder, Atlanta seems to have their eye set on snagging Michael Bourn after losing the gold prize of Hunter to the Phillies, and getting placed behind the eight ball in their division. Unless the Braves go out for Jose Reyes of the Mets in their own division, but that seems unlikely, but enough about them. Lets talk about us and what we got

Jarred Cosart: a young right-handed pitching prospect, an ERA just over 3.64 and a winning from class single A, he throws a decent curve and a good fastball in his arsenal, and was considered to be the Phillies’ top pitching prospect this year. He is going to come to Corpus and hopefully I’ll be able to see his first start in the Astros system

Jonathan Singleton: playing High A for the Phillies system and hitting .282 with 9 home runs and 47 RBIs in 92 games, he’s a lefty can be used either at left field of first base, like Carlos Lee, so if El Caballo is to be traded down the road, be expecting this guy possibly to take his place, although he is only reporting to High A Lancaster, so if Lee is indeed traded before Sunday, look for a guy from AAA to take on that role. (that goes for Michael Bourn, Drayton is technically still the owner so he’s trading away all of our talent before he leaves this sinking ship, well already sunken ship.)

Josh Zeid: a 24 righty with a 2-3 record and a 5.65 ERA as a starter (he’ll fit right in…) with 11 starts, but has a 2.25 ERA as a reliever through 10 games, so expect to see him flirting with the bullpen. He is also designated for AA assignment here in Corpus

And finally, a player yet to be named by the Phillies! Wow, that’s a shocker, expect to get a lemon here, im not expecting much, but I am very content with who we’ve got and I think we’ll do just fine, but yet again our team chemistry gets derailed by a trade.

Who is going to fill in for Hunter you ask? Well! That is simple, JD Martinez from AA Corpus Christi, that’s who! Another AA ball player is called up directly to the Astros, shocking, I know, I cant help but think that the guys up in AAA Round Rock Oklahoma City are a bit ticked off right now! I’d be upset too if a freshman got called up to the varsity before a sophomore or junior on the JV!

– Richard Perez


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