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High Expectations

With winning many championships in recent memory, the San Antonio Spurs have once been considered a dynasty by some in the NBA, always a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference, and a dominant force in the playoffs.

Despite in recent years making unceremonious playoff exits, after capturing their most recent title in 2007 by sweeping Lebron James and his former Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio struggled to make it back to the finals regressing in the post season one level at a time, having being beat in 2008 by the Lakers in the Western Conference Final, 2009 being swept by Phoenix in the semi-finals, and capped off their amazing 2010 season by getting upset by an upstart Memphis team in the first round.

Spurs fans have always held high expectations for their team, and this year is no different than years past, thanks to the lockout and labor disputes, the season is going to be severely shortened, the older veterans will benefit from the shortened scheduled, but the schedule is going to be brutal as multiple games are scheduled in a row, the major question surrounding San Antonio is: Can the Spurs’ vets handle it?

Tim Duncan is essentially the lone seasoned “big man” on the squad, the Spurs need another respectable, decent player to full in for Duncan when he needs his rest. Acknowledgement of Duncan’s age, and he not being the young and stout man he was in the last decade, is the only way for the Spurs to find the solution, because quite frankly, Matt Bonner and DeJuan Blair do not match the demands of the grueling centers of the Western Conference. Bonner is near Duncan in height, but simply is better as a center than a forward, but against a smaller team, Bonner and Blair can fit the suit.

The Spurs have a chip on their shoulder after their premature exit of the playoffs after reaching their climax in the regular season, and lesson learned for Coach Gregg Poppovich and company, a lesson that is: it does not matters how you start, yet how you finish, and the Spurs are not at all content with last season’s finish. Relying on Manu Ginobili’s last second herorics in a number of games towards the end of last year, and resting the final games of the year, going in to the first round agaisnt the rambuctious and resillient Memphis Grizzlies, ultimately losing to the Grizzlies in 6 games.

With time winding down till tip-off, the Spurs are as ready as they’ll ever be, being rushed through an abbreviated training camp and preseason, finally, the 2011-2012 NBA Season is upon us and basketball never stops in San Antonio, Spurs fever spreads like wildfire as their fans unite to cheer them on in their Drive for Five NBA Championships

-Richard Perez

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