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Home is Where the Wins are

The advantage of the home-court in the AT&T Center is absolutely undeniable for the San Antonio Spurs, winning all 9 games they have played in the AT&T Center, and having the 6th man on the court with them at all times, from the Baseline Bums to the Silver & Black Pack, the Spurs’ fans are arguably the most loyal and dedicated to their team.

The streaking Spurs are at it again, with another 3 game win streak, are undefeated at home, bringing in crowds in to the AT&T Center in droves, a great cause and effect that benefits both; the fans pack the AT&T Center, cheer the Spurs to victory, the Spurs win, bringing in more fans to cheer for them and help propel them to victory. An amazing cycle that all teams would love to have, ala Milwaukee Bucks whose upper deck seats were practically empty.

The amazing wins from the Spurs are not from individuals, no, the Spurs win their games via team onslaught. Despite the final score not being as dominant as previous games, the Spurs had gotten their lead up to 20 points over the Suns, Sunday evening in the AT&T Center.

The formula to victory for the Spurs is teamwork, as I’ve said before. and these Spurs live and die, depending on one another as they all have to combine to bury their opponents; the usual key to victory is getting at least 5-6 players in double-digit scoring, with the big men getting rebounds, offensive especially, and field goal percentage, 3 point shots fall under scoring.

Led by Tim Duncan who scored 24, and passed up Gary Payton for 24th place on the All-Time Scoring leader board, followed by Tony Parker with 17, DeJuan Blair with 14, and Kawhi Leonard with 12.

A great night and a great series of wins for the Spurs in the past few days as they improve their home record to 9-0, they hit the road to Florida for back-to-back games against the Miami Heat, then the following night, a game against the Orlando Magic, then they return home for a game with the Sacramento Kings, then travel to Houston again for a game the following night against the Rockets.

A tough stretch lays ahead for the Spurs, 4 games in 5 nights is tough, but with the Spurs about ready to it their midseason form, 4 wins in 5 nights is an achievable goal for the Spurs, the entire team will have to contribute for the entire span, if they want to win, and they usually do.

– Richard Perez


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