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Powering On released their weekly power rankings and the Spurs’ power ranking fit right in with their actual ranking in the league. Fourth place overall with a win-loss record of 27-10 in the first half of the season is nothing to be ashamed of, rather, it should be praised as the Silver and Black Pack has overcome multiple setbacks, losing Manu Ginobili early in the season for an extended amount of time, then TJ Ford. Despite the loses of key figures, the Spurs stood their ground and remained stalwart and fought to win. Being recognized for their young, yet potent offensive and defensive skills, the Spurs are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Read more…


Finishing How They Started

Finally, the long and grueling Rodeo Road Trip has wrapped up, but looking at the Spurs record on absence from the AT&T Center, you would think the home court advantage traveled with them, but no, what did travel with the Spurs, was the determination. The Spurs who struggled earlier in the year, only winning two games on the road, have turned their road woes all around. Winning all but one game on the Road Trip, dropping the only game where the key players did not play, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker took the night off in Portland for rest, a decision made by stellar head coach Greg Popovich.

Carrying a three game winning streak into the Rodeo Road Trip, the Spurs fought tooth and nail to extend their winning streak to 11, winning eight consecutive road games, matching their NBA League recording of eight consecutive road wins in a single trip. A Road Trip to remember, if anything, it brings back memories of 2003, a year where the Spurs won their second title, the Spurs lead the Southwest division and sit in second place overall in the Western Conference. Read more…

New Season, New Look for the Texans?

Much hype and speculation has surrounded the NFL since the new Nike Vapor Jet gloves with the team’s logo imprinted on the palms were released. Reebok is now officially retired as the official outfitter for the NFL and I could not be any happier. Reebok unified the manufacturing of the jerseys, and introduced the cute little NFL Equipment shield,  but really didn’t do much aesthetics go for the jerseys. Though in football, looks aren’t everything, but as Nike has shown for Oregon, Army, and Oklahoma State, good looking jerseys go a very long way. Read more…

Rodeo Rolling

That time of year is here once again, it is once more time for the San Antonio Spurs to vacate the AT&T Center, and depart on the Rodeo Road Trip for the annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. A time of consistent wins on the road for the Spurs despite their extended leave from home, this year is no different for the Spurs, the team has accumulated a seven game winning streak, three of those wins on the Rodeo Road Trip.

With six more games in the next fourteen days, the Spurs face a three games in four nights schedule in both weeks, a diffident challenge for the team as they have certainly struggled on the road this year winning six games out of eight throughout the season, an improvement from earlier in the season where they won only three games on the road, compiling a record of three and eight overall on the road before the month of February. Turning the tide in this month, the Spurs have won all three games of the roadtrip thus far, and are undefeated in the six games they have played in early days of the month. Read more…

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