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Rodeo Rolling

That time of year is here once again, it is once more time for the San Antonio Spurs to vacate the AT&T Center, and depart on the Rodeo Road Trip for the annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. A time of consistent wins on the road for the Spurs despite their extended leave from home, this year is no different for the Spurs, the team has accumulated a seven game winning streak, three of those wins on the Rodeo Road Trip.

With six more games in the next fourteen days, the Spurs face a three games in four nights schedule in both weeks, a diffident challenge for the team as they have certainly struggled on the road this year winning six games out of eight throughout the season, an improvement from earlier in the season where they won only three games on the road, compiling a record of three and eight overall on the road before the month of February. Turning the tide in this month, the Spurs have won all three games of the roadtrip thus far, and are undefeated in the six games they have played in early days of the month.

With Tony Parker as the driving force behind the recent surge of positives, the Spurs have come to rally around one another during adverse times, playing without Manu Ginobili and TJ Ford, both pivotal keys to the team in every aspect, but the young and vigilant team continues to build momentum. Firing on all cylinders and battling a pesky Memphis team who would refused to give up with out a fight, scrapping a 25-3 scoring run against San Antonio, battling their way back into the game. A foreshadowing of the possible struggles were the face, but the Spurs’ veteran presence, along with he rookie resilience was prominent and ended up being too much for the Grizzlies late in the game.

Despite the tough road that lays ahead for the Spurs, there is no doubt in my mind that the Spurs can finish the roadtrip unscathed, the traveling is hard, but the toughest team in the first week is the Clippers. The Spurs face the Clippers after dealing with the Detroit Pistons, and the Toronto Raptors. Both teams are severely under .500 and only have eight wins this far, but as the Sacramento Kings showed us, it does not take much to pull off an upset, especially, but the streaking Spurs are on a hot streak and will most certainly be able to handle both teams easily.

Then come the Clippers, who the Spurs dismantled in the AT&T Center back in December for their second win of the season. A team that will be in front of a reinvigorated fan base with the acquisition of Chris Paul. The Spurs will go into the Staples Center with semi fresh legs, getting a day off after dealing with Toronto. A toss up game that can go either way, but more than certainly a winnable game, with Manu Ginobili making his triumphant return, he’ll be itching to get back to his winning ways.

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