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Powering On released their weekly power rankings and the Spurs’ power ranking fit right in with their actual ranking in the league. Fourth place overall with a win-loss record of 27-10 in the first half of the season is nothing to be ashamed of, rather, it should be praised as the Silver and Black Pack has overcome multiple setbacks, losing Manu Ginobili early in the season for an extended amount of time, then TJ Ford. Despite the loses of key figures, the Spurs stood their ground and remained stalwart and fought to win. Being recognized for their young, yet potent offensive and defensive skills, the Spurs are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

With the hyped Miami Heat atop the Power Rankings, followed by the Western Conference leading Oklahoma City Thunder, the Spurs look to gain ground on the Thunder as they face off against the third ranked Chicago Bulls to begin the second half of the regular season. A rigorous first game to resume the season indeed, but with the much needed rest and extended preparation, the Spurs will most certainly be ready to pick up where they left off. The Spurs will be looking to serve the Bulls the first serving of their world-famous home cooking as they will begin a seven game homestand, before the travel northward to Oklahoma City to take on the surging Thunder.

31 games remain in the regular season and only 13 of those games are away games, what the Spurs should concern themselves with is getting primed for the postseason, get back into the rhythm with Ginobili, and fine tune their game, and stay healthy. No Spurs fan could even fathom a repeat of last year’s playoffs, and shutter to even recall it, the Spurs lived and died by the three-point shot and fell disastrously short, shooting only 29%. San Antonio has begun to slowly separate themselves from that mantra as they become more of a rhythmic team, burying teams from the tip-off and imposing their will. As the postseason nears, expect to see Coach Pop more demanding of his players, as he wants the key player sot go in fresh and be as close to 100% as possible

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