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Nuggets Overwhelm San Antonio

In only their third loss at home, the San Antonio Spurs are unable to keep up with the Denver Nuggets who are on a fresh three game winning streak. The Spurs dug themselves a hole early going down 16, and looked like they would be made quick work by the Nuggets, the last time these two team met, the Spurs came out on top, but not without the Nuggets putting up a fight first, making a close game in the final seconds. The second match up in the AT&T Center and the third overall, the Spurs were playing catch up from the beginning, the Nuggets simply out hustled the Spurs, and the hustle won the game for them.

Out hustled is the term to define this loss, the Nuggets just out hustled the Spurs, giving them more offensive rebounds and second chance points, the second chance scoring is what helped Denver bury the Spurs, the Spurs could not get topple the lead of the Nuggets. dwindling the lead down to one and two points, but the Nuggets never took their foot off the gas pedal. Seemingly flustered by the Spurs’ resilience, the Nuggets looked as if they were about to crack and lose track of their game, opening the door for the Spurs, but as soon as the Spurs were poised to cross the threshold of over taking the lead, the Spurs seemingly slammed the door on their own nose.

Whether it was the unclutch shooting when the team needed it most, or the rust taking effect from not having Manu Ginobili in the rotation, the Spurs played unlike themselves in the Sunday showdown versus the Nuggets, turning the ball over 14 times, and almost every time the Nuggets capitalized, scoring off the Spurs turnover. Aside from Tony Parker leading the way with 25 points, it was a rather low scoring affair for the Spurs, only four players scoring in double digits.

The five point final deficit does not do the Spurs any justice as it was a much closer, a bad game overall, but the Spurs are undoubtedly ready for their next game to cleanse their palate and get back to winning. Up nest for the Spurs are the New York Knicks who have gone through a notable transformation as the nationwide craze of “Linsanity” rolls into the Alamo City, look for the Spurs to come out with a chip on their shoulder as they are ready to take out frustration from the Nuggets game on the Knicks.


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