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Since starting 3-1, the Houston Astros are playing some of the best baseball in recent years! The young, upstart Astros being overlooked, and written off as an easy win and a pushover team, but this is not the case. The Astros, though not as high-powered and glamorous as a team like the Dodgers, Blue Jays, or Rangers with the power to blast a home run at least once a night, and potential to hang up eight or more runs every night or on a consistent basis. The Astros had over 300 plate appearances without a home run, but broke the monotony by going yard twice, a two run shot from Carlos Lee, and  Jordan Schafer belting his first ever Grand Slam and the  first Astros Grand Slam since August of last season, en route to victory today behind a stellar shutout start from starting pitcher Wandy Rodriguez who pitched a gem for the Astros.

The Astros pitching for the most part in recent games have been outstanding and stellar to say the least, but the downfall of the Astros is the same as last year, sputtering offense. The Astros have lost most of their games by one run. and have outscored their opponents in every game, but their win-loss record tells a different story, I believe the Astros’ offense is still trying to work out the kinks in being clutch, but the have also flexed their muscles and shown off in games such as versus the Nationals and Dodgers, blowing them out in the final games in the series, where they were facing a sweep.

JD Martinez, in his first full MLB season, has been the Astros’ most productive player with the bat, in my opinion as far as consistency and output is concerned, but has slumped recently, and is the Astros’ only player over .300 batting average, but is running the risk of falling under as he went 2-9 at the plate in the series against the Dodgers, dropping his average almost 40 points. Sitting at 6-10, Houston sits in fourth place in the National League Central Division, along four other teams under .500 win-loss record, but eight of the ten losses have been by two runs or less, a margin that is certainly attainable with the type of fire power this team has shown.

When this team is clicking, they are nearly unstoppable and can gun with the best of them, but the matter of getting the offensive gears going and the cylinders firing, the potency is there, but being so young, the Astros just do not know how to get it going, and once they do find their magic button, they can, and will be dangerous, but is remained to be seen, and the judgements will be assessed once that days comes, but until then, we’ll just have to wait and see if Brad Mills’ experiments will yield explosive, productive results.

– Richard Perez


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