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Best in the West

The San Antonio Spurs can clinched the number one seed in the Western Conference, once again, the best prevails in the end, and the Spurs, with two games remaining, are powering through en route to the playoffs, seemingly steam-rolling every team before them, and with the eighth seed still up for grabs between Utah and Phoenix, both teams the Spurs have slaughtered over the regular season. Rival Houston was eliminated from contention after taking a complete nosedive towards the end and dropping from the sixth seed to missing the playoffs, the Rockets would have been an appealing opponent as the travel factor would be most desirable. Despite having to travel a decent way, the travel factor will not be bad, seeing as Salt Lake City and Phoenix are not very far of a flight for the team, and a day of rest will also be better, since a day of rest was out of the question with the condensed schedule.

The first round is up in the air, and nothing is really settled in yet, but the Spurs will have home-court throughout the playoffs and, should they win out in these last two games, the will be tied with Chicago, if they also win out in their last two games, for best record in the NBA, but Chicago owns the tie-breaker as they have beat the Spurs during the regular season. Taking the Western Conference regular season crown was not the priority for the Spurs, but they played hard, and out-hustled their opponents to eventually taking it without actually trying for it; with the playoffs only four days away, the Spurs are primed and ready to face either Utah or Phoenix at home for the first two games.

Spurs fans and players alike are ready to put the atrocity of last season’s postseason appearance behind them as they gear up to get ready in the now, the Spurs are red hot and are primed to make a deep run with their outstanding depth.

– Richard Perez

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