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The Waiting Game

The San Antonio Spurs have vanquished the Jazz in four games, giving them the advantage of having rest before the Conference Semifinals, the Spurs are looking at either a match up between the Memphis Grizzlies or  the Los Angeles Clippers, every Spurs fan remembers the atrocity of the 2011 playoffs,and want revenge against the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies are currently down two games to three against the Clippers and will both will face off for game six in the Staples Center, in Los Angeles; Memphis has home-court advantage, and should they force game seven, they will be back in the Fed-Ex Forum.

Against the Clippers, during the regular season, the Spurs took two out of three from the Clippers, the lone loss against the Clips was without team MVP Tony Parker, along with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili getting minimal minutes on the court, dropping that game by a score of 120-108. The other two the Spurs won by scores of 115-90 in San Antonio, and 103-100 in the Staples Center; the Clippers primary scoring duo of Chris Paul and Blake Griffon are easily contained by the Spurs’ defense, the Spurs’ defense has since improved since the last meetings and the team has improved overall.

Luckily for the Spurs, the Clippers will be limping into the following round, taking a beating from Memphis and will be more tired out after game six, and even more so if the Grizzlies should push a game seven.

The Grizzlies are not as beat up as the Clippers, but fatigue will certainly be a factor working against the Grizzlies; the Spurs are on multiple days rest, possibly the longest rest they have had since the start of the season.

Over four games during the regular season, the Spurs took all four games and swept them thoroughly; winning three of four by at least ten points. The Spurs are ready and waiting for the Grizzlies, there are far too many things to list that are different from this Spurs’ team than last years.

The main point is that the Spurs have added size to compete with Zach Randolph, the prime culprit in the elimination of the Spurs during the postseason last year.

Regardless of who  the Spurs face this upcoming series, the Spurs are ready for whoever they face, and absolutely know exactly what they are going up against and Coach of the Year, Greg Popovich is more than ready to lead his team through this round, onto the Western Conference Finals.

– Richard Perez


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One thought on “The Waiting Game

  1. Frankie r on said:

    Nice I hope the play the clippers I wanna see something diff

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