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Game Two Grades: Spurs 105 Clippers 88

Starting Five:

Kawhi Leonard: 5 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2 Steals, 0 Assists, 25:37 minutes.

Overall, our young Leonard went under the radar and didn’t stand out, only making a clutch bucket at one point, but other than that, his offensive presence was not all that great. Contrarily, on the defensive side of the ball, Leonard was all over Clippers guard Chris Paul, any other rookie having to face such an amazing veteran such as Paul, but Leonard held his own and for that, his grade will reflect it.

Overall: C+
I think Leonard is still trying to find his way, but I also may have too high expectations from him, but he has yet to let me down.

Tony Parker: 22 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 3 Steals, 37:08 minutes.

Parker was being Parker again, Tony came in and just about had his way with they Clippers, they really had no answer whatsoever for him. He managed to go through the defenders like a hot knife through butter, scoring against the melted defense of the Clips at will.

Overall Grade: A-
There were a few bad possessions that allowed the Clippers to stay in the game, and had he handled it just a little bit better, we could have buried them a lot sooner, but we got the win, and I will not complain.

Tim Duncan: 18 Points, 5 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 2 Steals, 32:46 minutes.

Our beloved Tim seems to not have aged a single bit, he tore up the Clippers as much as Tony did, and just had flashbacks of the 2005 playoffs, Duncan demolished  every defender in his path, and tactfully contained the young Blake Griffin, whom many thought would dominate the Spurs.

Overall Grade: A
Tim had a great game, a few missteps, but no harm no foul, very pleased with Tim’s play!

Boris Diaw: 16 Points, 4 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 0 Steals, 27:02 minutes.

Diaw did work against the Clippers, while he did not gain much  notoriety for this game like Duncan and Parker, Diaw was an unsung hero in this game, doing the dirty work of boxing out so others can nab the rebounds. He had a perfect night of shooting, going 3-3 from three point land, and 7-7 overall on all field goal attempts.

Overall Grade: A+
While his name didn’t shine in the lights, Diaw did work and played perfect, under the radar, San Antonio Spurs basketball.

Danny Green: 13 Points, 2 Rebounds, 0 Assists, 2 Steals 24:52 minutes.

Danny Green had a good night of shooting, played his type of game and was able to work the defense around to help the Spurs score, he went 4-6 on field goals, and 4-6 as well on his three point shooting, a good night for Green, could have gone better, but then again, could have gone much worse.

Overall Grade: B-

Best of the Bench:

Manu Ginobili: 10 Points, 3 Rebounds, 0 Assists, 0 Steals, 25:49 minutes.

For the longest while, it seems like we have been saying “Well, Manu just hasn’t been Manu” and neither Joe or myself could possibly figure it out, but then it hit me as i began to draft this up, the possible reason for Manu’s lack of Manuness is the fact that Manu has been moved to his best position, the sixth man, Manu is one of the best players, if not the best, that comes off the bench. He is undoubtedly the Alamo Zone’s Sixth Man of the Year award winner; while he does not make as many faces as he would as a starter, Manu is the best choice to come off the bench and dominate the reserves of any other team.

Overall Grade: C+

Despite having low numbers, Manu’s presence and hustle cannot be put down on a stat sheet, and with Manu on the floor, things get a lot different for the opposing players.

Tiago Splitter: 9 Points, 3 Rebounds, o Assists, 0 Steals, 19:14 minutes.

Tiago had another good game, making screens and making great passes and splitting defenders to get his points. Tiago had an impression on this game, getting a bucket to keep the pesky Clippers from going on a run.

Overall Grade: C+

Splitter had a positive impact on the game and he had a hand in the win, not the type of spectacular numbers you’d expect from a key player, but that is not his role on the team. I’m loving on him and the grade certainly does not reflect my love as a homer, but as a critic, I feel he could have had a much better game.

For the rest of the guys, Stephen Jackson, Patty Mills, DeJuan Blair, Matt Bonner, Gary Neal,and James Anderson, there isn’t much to write on them, so I’ll give them grades, if possible and my thoughts.

Matt Bonner: C
Bonner played hard and hustled, but he really didn’t put up the type of numbers you’d expect from him, as a shooter.

Gary Neal: B-
Mini-Tony Parker, as i like to call him, had a decent night all around, like the other players on the Spurs’ seemingly endless bench, did not get a chance to really make any head-ways, but still found a way to contribute.

DeJuan Blair: Incomplete

Stephen Jackson: Incomplete

Patty Mills: Incomplete

James Anderson: Incomplete

The final four gents with “Incomplete” as their grades did not really match a “minimum” time of play as the others, and to give them the benefit of the doubt, none of them, had they played, would have received a C, if the way some played in game one as any use as a point of reference for them.

As a team grade I’d give this performance a solid B+, we had a very sloppy second quarter, but we were able to recover and run away with the game, a great win for this title hungry Spurs team.

– Richard Perez


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One thought on “Game Two Grades: Spurs 105 Clippers 88

  1. Frankie r on said:

    Yet again a good review!! Keep it up.

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