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The MLB June Amateur Draft is coming up in five days and after the Astros’ last place finish last season, both Astros personnel and fans alike are ready and excited for the draft on June 4th, and the first pick overall belonging to the Astros. Speculations are plentiful as everybody guesses who will be the Astros’ pick, but luckily, ‘Stros Bros extraordinaire, Richard Perez was able to speak with new Astros GM Jeff Luhnow about the upcoming draft back in April.

When asked about what the priorities were for the team in the draft, Luhnow stated “A player that we can have for a really long time, a franchise type of player. I think that’s what you look for whenever you’re picking first, you don’t worry about position, you don’t worry about age. You’re worried about getting the best possible guy that can be here for a long time”

Obviously Luhnow knows what he’s doing, he built championship teams in St. Louis as the vice president, and the head of player development. He became vice president for the Cardinals in 2003, in 2004, Luhnow took charge of scouting and developing players from Latin America, He has been credited with developing players from the area who have reached the majors as well as become top prospects in the minor leagues. Then in 2006, he added the role of player development to his duties and after that, the Cardinals’ farm systems won five total championships.

Luhnow can and will make the right the decision for the Astros team that is looking to rebuild, and with last years first round pick George Springer playing good in the High A California League affiliate Lancaster, it seems that within just a few years, the Astros could have a marquee on their hands. Whoever the Astros pick in the first round and later rounds, the Astros have the guidance of draft veteran and expert, Jeff Luhnow.

– Richard Perez


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