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Texans Trample Titans


In their best performance of the season so far, the mighty Texans have improved their record to 4-0.

In the inaugural meeting of the TNT Rivalry for the 2012 season, the Texans routed the Tennessee Titans in a 38-14 victory, allowing only one touchdown per half.

Undoubtedly the best performance from the defense all season long, despite allowing Chris Johnson to run for over 100 yards, a feat he hasn’t accomplished since last season, there is no shame in the Texans’ defensive play. Playing hard, aggressive, clean defense, JJ Watt and company knocked Jake Locker out of the game when he re-injured his non-throwing arm after it was accidentally hit by Brian Cushings’ helmet. The Texans’ D ended up having to deal with another veteran, Locker’s back-up Matt Hasslebeck, and handled him very well. Forcing fumbles and getting interceptions, and one by Kareem Jackson of all people who ran one to the house for a 63-yard pick six.

Yes, THAT Kareem Jackson.

Jackson had a heck of a game and has shown vast improvements from what we have grown accustomed to seeing from him. Even Danieal Manning was able to turn an interception into a pick six.

I was indifferent towards him, thought he was a middle of the road player at best, and subpar at times, but Kareem, you have proven me wrong. You sir, have earned my undivided respect.

Not to take anything away from Kareem, but it seems the way that the entire defense is playing is elevated everybody’s play. It looks like every member of the Texans team is bringing their A-game, even Bryan Braman, the special teams star, undrafted out of Division II West Texas A&M.

As far as giving up 140+ yards to a back whom many have written off, Chris Johnson showed a little teaser that he may still have the ability to run for 2,000 yards again, if not, get very close. JJ Watt and the Texans defense showed respect to Johnson, and the ability to turn on the jets and go all the way to the endzone in an instant.

The defense played lights out, complimenting Matt Schaub and the offense; Schaub throwing for 202 yards with two touchdowns. Schaub was able to connect the most with tight end Owen Daniels six times for 72 yards and one touchdown. Offensively, the team played soundly, and minor mistakes can easily be forgotten and flushed down as they were either mental mistakes, or simply just an error.

A great clean win by the Texans to extend a franchise best start to 4-0. The Texans will get a long week of rest and preparation before facing the struggling Jets next week on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Houston’s first MNF since the disappointment of the 2010 season.

– Richard Perez


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