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Houston Survives in Gotham


In their first ever Monday Night prime time game since 2010, the Houston Texans put on an amazing show. Although, this game was perfect by no means at all; the Texans allowed the Jets to hang in the game when the Texans should have blown them out. That aspect of the game I’ll get to lastly, I want to focus on the positive.

The Texans defense really did win this game for us, two picks on Sanchez, the pressure, batting of his passes right back in his face, and the smothering of their running attack. The defense won this game for us, and it’s not only JJ Watt being the big play maker! All of the defense played great, from Brooks Reed, to Brice McCain, Glover Quinn, and Kareem Jackson. Jackson, being under much scrutiny last season, and the season before as a major underachiever on the field, has vastly improved this year, and his impressed fans and writers alike. No doubt about it, Kareem Jackson is a candidate for most improved player, at least within the Texans’ organization.

My only beef with the defense was getting burned by Jets’ receivers, the Jeff Cumblerland touchdown, huge pass to Cromartie, and beating beaten at the line, allowing Tim Tebow to make a huge gain.

Pondering this though, how spoiled am I when I got upset that Brice McCain didn’t score on that interception. He had a virtually had all sides covered and managed to slow himself down to get tackled after trying to hurdle a downed tackler. It also didn’t help his case any when the offense left a sour taste in my mouth settling for that field goal.

On to the offense, we sputtered on the drives we needed them the most. The offense sputtered in the redzone twice, and settling for field goals on our final three scoring drives. I don’t know if it was the offense losing momentum to the Jets who were gaining momentum, or just the Jets defense coming through to give Sanchez a chance. Given that Rex Ryan is a sharp defensive mind, there is no doubt Ryan made defensive adjustments to hinder the Texans high powered offense, and it showed.

Matt Schaub and Arian Foster got it done today, and Andre Johnson almost looked like he didn’t show up, but only because he was virtually blanketed by Dominick Cromartie the entire game. The offense was indeed great, but making adjustments to the defensive adjustments is a must, and facing a more potent defense against Green Bay is going to be a bigger challenge than the Jets’ defense.

The low note of the game is Brian Cushing’s knee injury, John McClain has reported he may be done for the year due to an ACL tear, but many are waiting for the team’s report from team doctors rather than just run with McClain’s report. Six year veteran Tim Dobbins will take his spot in the rotation, the ILB position is getting thin, and should the Texans sign one, who would be on the cutting block for the new guy? That is a discussion for a later article…

– Richard Perez


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