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Texans Earn Limelight

In a post I wrote before the start of last season, I complained about how the Texans were denied any national television coverage from ESPN’s Monday Night Football and NBC’s Sunday Night Football. For the low down on how the Texans did in their most recent nationally televised games, please read my post here.

As the schedule of divisions playing inter and intra-conference divisions rotates, the intra-conference for the Texans and the rest of the AFC South, is the AFC East, bringing the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and the “Evil Empire,” New England Patriots. In the inter-confrence, the match-up for the AFC South is the NFC North, pairing up the Texans with the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, and the Chicago Bears.

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While the Gettin’ is Hot

While the trade of Ryans is unpopular and highly questionable, Houston Texans General Manager Rick Smith  more than likely knows what he is doing, and Texans fans should stand beside him in his moves, one sour note is the Texans did not get very much in return for Ryans, but faith must be held at least until the season arrives. Texans should believe in Smith solely for the reason that he is going into his sixth year on the job in Houston and seems to be more than knowledgeable when it comes to players being on the job this long, handling the “next man up” year of last season, alongside coaches Gary Kubiak, and Wade Phillips, and has been steadily on the rise in the last six years.

If the move proves to be one of the most bone-headed moves in the NFL, then fans can call for the head or Smith, or who ever they please, but the fact remains that DeMeco Ryans had struggled with health and possibly was on the decline of his career. The injuries sustained over time is the down fall in the professional sport of football, players do not maintain their prime for very long as the game wears down their bodies and takes it toll every day. This gives the Texans to bring in a new, younger, explosive talent, and with most of their coaching staff still intact, the system seems ready to take in players and breed athletic titans. Read more…

Keeping Them Honest

As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell served what many believe is the harshest penalty in NFL history, it does seem a bit over the top, and unnecessary, but in this time where the long-term health and well-being of the players is the primary concern for Commissioner Goodell. The year-long suspension of Saints Head Coach Sean Payton is a little overboard, but it is a sign that Commissioner Goodell will not tolerate this type of misconduct in the league, misconduct that is counterproductive to what he is trying to do for the league.

Commissioner Goodell has already taken multiple steps to improve player safety, many of the moves unpopular, such as having kickoffs from the 35 yard-line rather than the 30. To fans of the league, the suspension of Payton can be chalked up as another unpopular move by Goodell, but it does not come unwarranted. While this may not be the first “hit list” of its kind, it is the first one to be publicly noted, and fall into a scandal; Goodell wants to make an example out of the Saints, and want to show to everybody involved in the league that a bounty system will not be tolerated.

What does this mean for the Houston Texans? Well, nothing specifically, but in general, it could mean that the successful “Bulls on Parade” defense might go under a close watch by league officials for dirty play. A “Keeping them honest” mentality all around, and if the Texans defensive coaching staff have no skeletons in their closets, they should have no worries and keep playing their fair, tough, honest football that their fans have grown accustomed to seeing.

– Richard Perez

All Eyes to The Future

Free agency can either benefit a team or be their downfall, over the abbreviated lockout plagued 2011 offseason, the Texans made moves and benefited from free agency, signing key defensive parts and filling in gaps left by players such as fullback Vonta Leach. But this free agency session has gotten off on the wrong foot for the Texans and have had many of their key and successful players whisked away and signed by other teams or cut, players such as G Mike Brisiel, DE/LB Mario Williams, FB Lawrence Vickers, who were signed away, and OL Eric Winston who was cut by the Texans.

Texan fans are ready to hit the panic button as many of the unrestricted free agents have yet to be signed by the Texans, key names such as Joel Dreessen, Jason Allen, Dominique Barber, Neil Rackers, Quintin Demps, and Matt Turk, all key pieces to the Texans team. Read more…

Testing the Free Agent Waters

The Texans are once again involved in free agency talks again, but this time, they could be on the losing end. Houston, however, is used to losing players to free agency, but have yet to lose a player of such a beloved status, that player has gone under the radar all six years of his young career; and that player is defensive end turned linebacker, Mario Williams. Williams, a very notable and controversial draft pick by the Texans back in 2006, a year where the Texans had the first round pick and had an abundance of talent to choose from, many highly coveted players were all available for the Texans and many people speculated who the Texans were going to take.

One player was in-state favorite, Houston hero, BCS National Championship winner, and two-time Rose Bowl Most Valuable Player, star quarterback from the University of Texas, Vince Young, a player many speculated that the Texans would draft after their last quarterback, former first round draft pick, David Carr turn out to be a bust. Carr, in his short tenure with Houston, broke the record for most times sacked, a blemish that could be blamed on his offensive line, or lack there of, but unsuccessful nonetheless in Houston. Read more…

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