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Texans Demolish Baltimore


After being embarrassed on national television by the Green Bay Packers, the Texans bounced back against an opponent equally as dangerous and strong. The Baltimore Ravens had an overall record of 6-0 against the Texans in the eleven season tenure of the Houston Franchise. The teams are relatively the same since the Monday Night match-up in 2010 where the Texans lost a heartbreaker in overtime, and in 2011, the Texans’ playoff drive was ended in Baltimore losing to them for the third time in two years. In 2012, the Ravens were looking to go for lucky number 7, but the Texans were not going to let that happen, especially after the chips left on their shoulder by Green Bay.

A nearly flawless game was played by the Texans, both offensively and defensively, both correlating and feeding off of one another. The offense was slow to start, but kick-started when Connor Barwin got the safety for the Texans after Alan Ball hustled to down down the punt from Donnie Jones within the ten yard line.

The Texans offense and defense combined for 29 unanswered points between the first and third quarters. The offense has shown that no mater what, the team can put up points, and light up the scoreboard.

I cannot put into words just how overjoyed and ecstatic I am about this team, this is THE best Texans team we’ve seen, the potential has been here since 2010, and I may even go as far back as 2009.

It just took the epic collapse of the 6-10 2010 season to allow the Texans to draft the pieces that they needed. Fast forward to 2012, I think this is the BEST professional football team overall the city of Houston has seen in all of its years, including the Oilers and Gamblers.

To blatantly misquote Forrest Gump, or make up my own quote: “Elite is what elite does” and elite is bouncing back from a deflating, and humbling loss to prove that you are indeed elite.

Bounce back is what we did, and bounced back with a vengeance, they did. Quite frankly, looking at a stat sheet just does not do the team’s effort any justice whatsoever. With a high quality opponent such as the Baltimore Ravens, the Texans really proved their mettle, and have secured a “tie-breaker” over a potential playoff adversary for home field advantage.

Simply put, this Texans game shows that the Texans can learn from ther mistakes, and rapidly make adjustments on a week-to-week basis to better make themselves match up better to their opponent.

After this amazing victory, the Texans go into week 7 on a bye, and have two weeks to prepare for the so-called “judgement day” as dubbed by the $100 Million Dollar Man, Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills who will roll into town in week 8. Before we get ahead of ourselves, the Texans have to take this week one day at a time, as they would a normal week, and it gives the guys an extra week to heal up. Week 6 has been vastly entertaining, let’s enjoy the sweet taste of victory for now, as we get ready to come back for the second half of the regular season.

– Richard Perez


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